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No more green slips from CIC Allianz

customers of CIC

Allianz has announced CIC Allianz will no longer offer green slips as of 15 January 2019. The insurer will offer Allianz greenslips to customers of CIC Allianz when they next renew registration.

CIC Allianz policies still valid

All CIC Allianz policies with a start date before 15 January 2019 remain valid until the end of the registration period. If customers of CIC have made or intend to claim on a CIC Allianz policy, it will be managed in the same way.

Policyholders can call 1300 360 340 for claims and questions about current policies until the end of December 2019.

New Allianz greenslips

Allianz will offer greenslips to customers of CIC Allianz when they next renew.

The insurer has changed the way it sets rates. This means prices will not be the same. For example, it now asks more questions to charge an accurate premium. If the Allianz greenslip costs more than the CIC one, it is because of changes in premium setting, not switching to Allianz.

You can use the greenslips.com.au Calculator now to find out the price of an Allianz greenslip. Use a registration date of 15 January 2019 or later. CIC Allianz prices will no longer show up from that date.

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