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customers of CIC

No more green slips from CIC Allianz

Allianz has announced CIC Allianz will no longer offer green slips as of 15 January 2019. The insurer will offer Allianz greenslips to customers of CIC Allianz when they next renew registration. Read More

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One in two Sydney motorists pay $500 or less for greenslip

Before reform of the NSW CTP greenslip scheme, the average premium in the state was $652. In Sydney, nobody was paying less than $500 for their green slip. Now nearly one in two Sydney motorists pay $500 or less for their green slip. In country areas, more than 60% of motorists now pay $400 or less. Read More

illegal phone use

Five demerits for using your mobile

From September, the penalty for using your mobile phone while driving is five demerits. During a holiday period of double demerits, it will be 10. There is no doubt the NSW government is serious about stopping the distraction caused by illegal phone use. Read More

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Mobile pink slips for a callout fee

The NSW government has begun a 6-month trial of mobile pink slips or safety checks. An authorised examiner will come to your location and carry out an inspection of your vehicle. The pink slip will cost the same but the examiner will add an agreed callout fee. Read More

pay for greenslip refund taxis cost

How to claim your CTP greenslip refund

Most vehicle owners can now claim a refund on their CTP green slips. Following reforms to the NSW greenslip scheme, green slip prices fell from 1 December 2017. Insurers will refund overpaid green slips through ServiceNSW. Motorists have until 30 September 2018 to claim their greenslip refund.  [This was later extended to 30 June 2019 then 30 September 2019.] Read More

spend $15 different fund levy clawback

Greenslip refunds for business and taxi owners

Taxi owners can expect an average refund of $1,255 and businesses around $265, starting today (22 January 2018). This puts $52 million back into the pockets of businesses and taxi owners. They are the first to receive greenslip refunds under the new greenslip scheme in NSW, which began 1 December 2017. Read More