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One in two Sydney motorists pay $500 or less for greenslip

spend $15 different fund levy clawback

Before reform of the NSW CTP greenslip scheme, the average premium in the state was $652. In Sydney, nobody was paying less than $500 for their green slip. Now nearly one in two Sydney motorists pay $500 or less for their green slip. In country areas, more than 60% of motorists now pay $400 or less.

More affordable premiums

Greenslips are more affordable under the reformed NSW scheme, compared to average weekly pay at May 2018:

  • Under the old scheme, motorists spent 41% of average week’s pay to buy an average premium of $652
  • Under the new scheme, they spend less than 33% of their weekly pay on an average premium of $518.

More people pay lower premiums

This table compares the old scheme before 1 December 2017 and the new scheme up to 9 September 2018. It shows more than double the percentage of people pay $500 or less in NSW and, in Sydney, nearly one in two do. Meanwhile, 2.5 times more people pay $400 or less in country areas.

Percentage who pay premium Old scheme New scheme
$500 or less in Sydney 0 48%
$500 or less in NSW 30% 62% (more than double)
$400 or less in country areas 25% 63% (2.5 times more)
$700 or more in Sydney 38% 15% (less than half)
$700 or more in NSW 26% 14% (less than half)

These figures come from a table compiled by the NSW government.

Faster claims

While nobody really wants to have to make a claim under the scheme, the process has become faster. Some 94% of claimants under the old scheme had to wait more than a year for their benefits. In the new scheme, around 55% will be paid within the first year of making a claim.

Find your cheapest green slip under the new scheme here.

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