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Mobile pink slips for a callout fee

subscription passenger car

The NSW government has begun a 6-month trial of mobile pink slips or safety checks. An authorised examiner will come to your location and carry out an inspection of your vehicle. The pink slip will cost the same but the examiner will add an agreed callout fee.

Mobile pink slips will be available for cars, motorcycles, caravans or boat trailers in Sydney metropolitan, Illawarra, Central Coast and Hunter areas.

How to get one

If you want to order a mobile inspection:

  • Look for examiner details on the Roads and Maritime Service website
  • Directly contact the examiner, agree on a callout fee and a suitable area and time for the inspection.

The trial makes getting a pink slip easier as long as motorists are prepared to pay extra for the convenience.

Getting a green slip is even easier and there is no fee to use the greenslips.com.au Calculator.

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