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phone app

Vehicle transactions on your mobile

It is increasingly common and often quicker to pay bills on your mobile phone. The NSW government wants to make all transactions with them more convenient with a new phone app. Read More

CTP reform is on pause

In what is widely seen as another backflip, the NSW government has decided to revisit its radical ideas for CTP reform.

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driving less

Changes for L and P plate drivers in NSW

In NSW alone, 21 young people have died this year in crashes involving P Plate drivers. Although only 10% of drivers in Australia are on P Plates, they are twice as likely to die as all drivers. This is why the graduated licensing scheme for learners and P Platers in NSW is changing.

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Reactions to proposals for CTP reform

On 29 June, the NSW government announced a long overdue package of reforms to the NSW CTP insurance scheme. Reactions to the package, as you might expect, have been mixed. In general, insurers and health bodies welcome the proposed reforms but lawyers and advocates, like Greens MP, David Shoebridge, are very critical.

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