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Vehicle transactions on your mobile

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It is increasingly common and often quicker to pay bills on your mobile phone. The NSW government wants to make all transactions with them more convenient with a new phone app.

Phone app

If you sign up for a MyServiceNSW account, you can:

  • Renew your rego
  • Receive alerts
  • View or pay vehicle fines
  • Update your licence details
  • Complete notice of disposals.

So far only about 750,000 customers have signed up for this service.

When digital licences are launched in NSW at the end of 2018, everyone will have the option to carry virtual licences on their phones.

NSW currently issues more than 23 million licences each year, covering 769 different licence types. The first licences to go digital are for recreational fishing, responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and responsible conduct of gambling (RCG).

NSW is the first state to work actively towards digital licences. Victoria has no immediate plans to introduce them but South Australia is reported to be investigating digital licences for tradespeople, before running a broader trial.

Find out more at www.service.nsw.gov.au. You can always find the cheapest greenslip on your mobile.

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