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Representation for Motorbike Riders

In a December 2010 Media Release, Minister for Finance Michael Daly announced several initiatives affecting motorbike riders.

New appointments

Firstly was the appointment of Rob Colligan to the Motor Accidents Advisory Council.  As Chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW, Mr Colligan has been appointed to represent the views of motorbike riders.  The Motor Accidents Advisory Council is an advisory group appointed by the minister to provide advice and recommendations to the Motor Accidents Authority.

Secondly, the Minister confirmed the appointment of Ernst & Young to undertake an independent actuarial review of motorbike greenslip pricing.  We will monitor the outcome of the review.

The Minister advised that a member of the Motorcycle Council will also be appointed to the working group considering the feasibility and options to adopt testing procedures and ratings for motorbike clothing.

Finally, the Minister announced that the MAA is funding production of rider safety videos to be produced by the Motorcycle Council.

A copy of the Media Release is available on this site.

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