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NSW Government Press Release on CTP Green Slip Scheme Reform, Commencing 1 April 2010

In our news article of 10 March 2010 we released news from the press release of reforms to the CTP greenslip scheme.

The first reform provides that hospital treatment, transport by ambulance and other treatments for at fault drivers is funded by the CTP greenslip scheme.

The second reform, effective for accidents occurring from 1 April 2010, provides that at fault drivers will also be entitled to compensation through lodgement of an Accident Notification Form (ANF).  Subject to the provisions, at fault drivers will become entitled to claim up to $5,000.00 for treatment expenses and for lost earnings by lodging an ANF.

Press release

The NSW Government has today issued a Press Release announcing the second reform.

Interestingly, the release does not deal with the issue we raised in our news article. That is, the impact on At Fault Driver Cover Policies offered as an additional benefit by some of the insurers. There has been no change to this point.  We will monitor the position.

Detailed analysis of the legislation changes and the impact on the CTP greenslip scheme is available on this site.

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