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NSW Driver Demerit Points Change From 1 July 2009

The Minister for Roads, Michael Daley, has introduced a new demerit point system in NSW with effect from 1 July, 2009.

Demerits and penalties apply

For unrestricted drivers the following demerits and penalties will now apply:-

  • 1-10 kmh over the speed limit will attract 1 demerit point & $84 fine
  • 11-20 kmh over the speed limit will attract 3 demerit points & $197 fine
  • 21-30 kmh over the speed limit will attract 4 demerit points & $338 fine
  • 31-45 kmh will result in a 3 month suspension, 5 demerit points & $647 fine
  • Over 45 kmh will result in a 6 month suspension, 6 demerit points & $1,744 fine.

“The new bands have been designed to drive down the number of speeding-related deaths and injuries by better reflecting the seriousness of the offence”, he said.

Consequently, motorists with an unrestricted licence who inadvertently drift over the speed limit by less than 10 km/h will now have less demerit points, but motorists that speed in excess of 20 km/h will attract more demerits and heavier fines than before.

P-plate drivers

Speeding by P-plate drivers is of particular concern to the Government. P2 drivers will now be subject to 1 extra demerit point if they are just 1km/h over the speed limit. This means a P2 driver will lose their licence if they get 2 speeding tickets, while P1 drivers will lose their licence if they get 1 speeding ticket.

Speeding offences that occur in a school zone attract fines and demerit points in addition to the above.

The total demerit points you can accumulate before your licence is suspended are as follows:-

  • Full unrestricted licence: 12 demerit points in any 3 year period.
  • P2 licence: 7 demerit points
  • P1 licence:4 demerit points.

The National Driver Licensing Scheme, adopted by NSW in March 1999, means that any speeding fines you get in another State shall be transferred back to NSW to be recorded on your licence. The appropriate number of demerit points shall be applied as if the fine was incurred in NSW.

To find out how many points you have remaining on your licence you can do an online search at the RTA.