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Registration Reforms

The RTA has introduced changes to the requirements for vehicle registration, effective 1 July 2008, including pink slips.

There are two main changes affecting vehicle registration.

Two changes

The first change is that new light vehicles are now exempt from requiring a vehicle safety inspection (pink slip) for the first five years, up from three years. The exemption now also includes light commercial vehicles, panel vans, caravans, trailers and four wheel drive vehicles with a compliance date of 1 July 2003 onwards.

The second change affects pink slips. Pink slips for vehicle safety inspections are now only issued electronically and are called e-Safety Checks. Authorised Inspection Stations are now called e-Safety Stations. The e-Safety Check will be transmitted electronically to the RTA.

The RTA says the aim of the changes is to save motorists time and money.

Both greenslips and e-Safety Checks will now be transmitted electronically to the RTA.

The changes, whilst simplifying the registration process, do pose some risk. Tyres are a good example. Tyres on many vehicles need to be replaced in less than five years. Vehicle safety inspections have been a good way of ensuring worn tyres are replaced. Without inspection for another two years, the risk of some drivers driving on dangerous tyres has increased.

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