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CTP Insurance

CTP Insurance in Victoria

The Victorian compulsory third party insurance scheme is administered by the Transport Accidents Commission (TAC). The TAC is the sole insurer under the scheme.

CTP Insurance Victoria - Benefits & Eligibility

The TAC pays compensation for death or injuries resulting from a transport accident. Compensation includes the reasonable cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, disability services, income assistance, travel and household support.

A transport accident is defined as an incident directly caused by the driving of a motor car or motor vehicle, a train or a tram.

Under the Victorian CTP scheme, compensation is payable for injuries or death, where the transport accident occurs:

  • in Victoria (even if the vehicle is registered interstate); or
  • interstate and the vehicle is registered in Victoria and the person injured is a Victorian resident or was in the Victorian registered vehicle.

The scheme is not fault based. The TAC does not consider fault when determining eligibility for compensation under the scheme.

The TAC is funded through a charge which is included with the vehicle registration.

A schedule of TAC premiums is published on the TAC website.

Three factors determine the TAC Premium that will apply to your vehicle:

  • veghicle classification (vehicle type and use);
  • postcode; and
  • eligibility for a pensioner dioscount.

Renewing Vehicle Registration

Licensing and registration services are provided by VicRoads

Light vehicles, registered in Victoria, are registered for 12 months (unless you are a Pensioner or Health Care card holder) and are not required to display a registration label.

A vehicle safety inspection is not required for normal light vehicle registration renewals. A Certificate of Roadworthiness is required if a vehicle is sold, is being re-registered or to clear a vehicle defect notice.

Transferring Registration to Victoria

To transfer your vehicle registration to Victoria, you will need to make an appointment at a VicRoads customer service centre. When you attend the customer service centre you will need vehicle details including engine number and VIN (vehicle identification number), plus your current drivers licence.

If your vehicle is currently registered interstate and the registration is being transferred to the same name in Victoria, a certificate of roadworthiness will not be required. The customer service centre will advise if a certificate of roadworthiness is required in other circumstances.

Victoria CTP and Registration Contacts

Transport Accident Commission: 1300 654 329 or 1800 333 556

VicRoads: 13 11 71