CTP Insurance in Tasmania

The Tasmania CTP scheme

The CTP Insurance scheme in Tasmania is operated by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB).

The Tasmania compulsory third party insurance scheme is a combined common law/no-fault scheme.

  • People injured in a motor vehicle accident are entitled to medical and income benefits on a no-fault basis.
  • People injured are also entitled to pursue damages under common law, where the fault of another party can be established.
  • Common law action must begin within 3 years of the accident.

Benefits payable under the scheme include reasonable medical costs, ambulance transport, hospital treatment, loss of income, funeral expenses and death benefits.

Generally, Tasmania CTP benefits are available to all Tasmanian residents if the accident occurs in Tasmania or if the accident occurs in another state involving a vehicle registered in Tasmania. Non-residents are usually entitled to benefits if the accident occurs in Tasmania involving a Tasmania-registered vehicle.

Tasmania vehicle registration

The MAIB CTP insurance scheme is funded by premiums included in the cost of vehicle registration. Payment of the premium is compulsory for registered vehicles. The premium varies based on vehicle classification. The MAIB publishes the list of premiums for all vehicle classes.

  • Light vehicles may be registered for 6 or 12 months and heavy vehicles for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Registration labels are not issued for light vehicles.
  • Light vehicles generally do not require regular safety or identification checks.

Transfer registration to Tasmania

You must transfer vehicle registration within 3 months of date the vehicle enters Tasmania.

To transfer registration you need an inspection through an approved inspection station. You will also be required to attend a Service Tasmania shop with the interstate number plates, proof of entitlement and proof of identity.

Tasmanian CTP and registration contacts

Motor Accidents Insurance Commission: 1300 302 568

Department of State Growth, Transport Services: 1300 135 513

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