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CTP Insurance in South Australia

Motor Accident Commission (MAC)

The CTP Insurance scheme in South Australia used to be administered by the Motor Accident Commission (MAC). The CTP Insurance Regulator took over from the MAC in July 2016. The regulator sets all premiums applying from 1 July 2016 and oversees the four new private CTP insurers until the market is opened up in July 2019.

The four CTP insurers in SA are: AAMI, Allianz, QBE and SGIC. Vehicle owners are allocated one of these insurers for three years. Each insurer is responsible for processing CTP claims and handling enquiries.

CTP insurance in SA provides compensation to people injured by a SA registered vehicle where the owner or driver is at fault. Compensation is reduced to the extent that people contribute to their own injuries.

The scheme is fault based. To make a claim under the scheme, fault on the part of an owner or driver needs to be established.

The SA CTP insurance scheme is funded by premiums paid as part of the cost of motor vehicle registration in SA.

Excess premiums

If the insurer has paid compensation to a person and you were more than 25% responsible for the incident, you are required to pay an excess to the insurer. The amount of the excess depends on the year of the crash as it increases each year by CPI. A 5% discount is applied to the excess payment if it is received within 1 month of being due.

Reforms to the Scheme

The CTP insurance scheme in SA has undergone reform.

In an effort to reduce premiums, thresholds for non-economic loss and some other categories of compensation changed.

Children under 16 years of age are compensated, regardless of who was at fault.

A new Lifetime Support Scheme was introduced from 1 July 2014, so treatment, care and support is provided for those catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault. A levy for the Lifetime Support Scheme is also included with the vehicle registration.

The scheme was opened to four private insurers in 2016 and will be further opened in July 2019.

Renewing vehicle registration

Light vehicles, light trailers and motor bikes registered in South Australia can be registered for three or 12 months and will not be issued with a registration label.

The SA Government provides a new online service and mobile app called mySA GOV (was EzyReg) for registration and licence transactions. The service will store all private information digitally and safely.

For light vehicles, the registration cost varies based on vehicle type and number of cylinders.  Weight is a factor for heavy vehicles.

Transferring registration to SA

If you become a permanent resident of SA you must transfer your registration within three months.

A vehicle inspection will be required to confirm the vehicle identity.

Once you have the vehicle inspection you can go to a ServiceSA centre with the relevant application and proof of identity to apply for the SA registration.

SA CTP  and registration contacts

CTP Insurance Regulator: 1300 303 558

Service SA: 13 10 84

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