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Interesting Statistics

Statistics on Crashes & Claims - by Age, Region, Gender & Value

The CTP Scheme Performance Report June 2015 provides some interesting statistics on the scheme.

Table 1 - Injury Crashes by Gender

% of Injury Crashes Caused
Males 62.9%
Unknown 2.2%

Table 1 shows the proportion of injury crashes caused by each gender.

Males are responsible for nearly double the number of injury crashes than females.

Table 2 - Injury Crashes by Age Group

Age Group % of Population% of Licence Holders % of Injury Crashes Caused % of Claims Cost
17 - 25 12.3%14.2%26.0%16.4%
26 - 4934.6% 44.7%46.9%48.3%
50 - 69
21.2% 30.6%20.9% 28.6%
5.8% 6.5%

Table 2 shows, by age group, the proportion of the population and the proportion of licence holders represented by that age group, the proportion of injury crashes caused by that age group and the proportion of claims costs represented by that age group.

Table 3 - Claims Profile by Region

Accident Region % of Claims% of Total Cost
Country16.3% 21.8%
Newcastle / Central Coast10.3% 9.3%
Outer Metropolitan1.5%1.7%

Table 3 shows claims profiles by NSW Region.

The Sydney Metropolitan region is responsible for the majority of claims and for the majority of total cost.

Table 4 - Claimant Profile by Road User Status

Road User Class % of Total Claims% of Total Cost Average Cost per Claim
Passenger27.1% 26.2%$124,300
Pedestrian10.7% 16.5%$198,500
Total / Average100.0%100.0%$128,500

Table 4 shows claimants profiles on the basis of road user status.

Drivers represent the highest number of claims but have the lowest average cost per claim. Pillion passengers represent the lowest number of claims but have the second highest cost per claim.

The information in the tables is taken from the Motor Accidents Authority Annual Report 2013-2014, Scheme Performance Report, page 53. The information in Tables 3 and 4 is based on data as at 30 June 2014. The information in Table 2 is based on population, licence holder and crash data for the year ending 31 December 2013. Claims data is as at 30 June 2014.