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New road safety guide puts the focus on school communities

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A new road safety guide for New South Wales aims to improve motoring habits around school zones by targeting a variety of potential problem areas. Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay launched the guide in a letter to principals of 2,500 primary schools across NSW earlier this month.

Titled 'Road Safety Issues Around Schools', the guide sets out a number of key points for motorists to remember when driving in or around schools. While the principles of the guide are aimed specifically at parents, the safe driving habits they outline can be applied to any NSW driver who may come across a school zone.

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Sydney CBD Pedestrians

Friday, 06 June 2014

We announced in a news article that the NSW Government is creating a 40km/h speed limit zone in the Sydney CBD, from the end of 2014.

Pedestrian safety is the main factor for the new speed zone.

As a driver who drives in the Sydney CBD every week day, it seems to me that there are other issues which need to be resolved and which will greatly increase pedestrian safety.

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Troubles with the M5

Friday, 14 February 2014

Problems with the M5 again this morning.

Before 6.00am there was a car broken down in the left lane eastbound, just before King Georges road. A good run was halted. Traffic was backed-up...again.

Maybe this is just a wasted lament, but it seems that it does not take much to go wrong for the M5 to grind to a halt.

Accidents on the M5 are frequent. An accident guarantees a dreadfully slow run, even if the cars involved in the accident are well away from the traffic lanes. In fact, accidents even affect traffic traveling in the opposite direction. It seems that a lot of drivers can not drive past an accident scene without slowing down to look at what has happened, resulting in the slow procession past the accident scene.

There has to be a better way of dealing with accidents on expressways. If the vehicles involved in an accident can be driven, the vehicles should be driven off the expressway at the next exit so that the drivers can exchange details without causing chaos. If vehicles need to be towed, they should be towed as soon as possible.

The issues with accidents and breakdowns on the M5 are repeated everyday on roads around Sydney.


M5 Tolls Double Charging

Friday, 28 June 2013
What is happening with the M5 toll gates at Holdsworthy? The M5 is going cashless from 1 July 2013 and a new toll collection gantry has been installed. For some weeks now, my tag is beeping at both the old toll collection point and at the new toll collection point just up the road. The website of Interlink Roads Pty Ltd, the operator of the M5, says that the new toll collection gantry is being tested and that you will not be charged twice, despite the tag beeping twice. How simple would it be for Interlink Roads to install some temporary signage letting people know that they should ignore the second beep on their tag. There is no signage, no explanation. Some simple signage could have saved a lot of concern for motorists.

New Road Numbering System

Monday, 29 October 2012

RMS (formerly the RTA) is introducing a new system of road numbering and new names for some important routes. The changes will commence in early 2013 and should be fully implemented by the end of that year.

The changes are simple in that they apply a letter and number code to Motorways (M), roads of national significance (A) and roads of state significance (B). The numbers identify the different motorways or roads within each category.

The changes will make navigation on major routes much simpler. For example, if want to drive to Broken Hill from Sydney, you will simply follow the A32 the whole way. If you want to drive from Sydney to Walgett you join the B55 and follow it through to Walgett.

The changes are consistent with systems in most other states so that the same code will apply as roads cross into those states.

Name changes will apply to some major roads, however the changes are not significant and should not have a major impact.

More information is available on the RMS website.



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