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Sydney CBD road upgrade underway

Friday, 17 July 2015

The city of Sydney, while having so much to offer its 4 million plus residents, also hosts some of the country's most congested roads. According to TomTom's latest Traffic Index report, Sydney commuters can expect to spend just under four days a year sitting in traffic, a statistic which has earned the city its rank as one of the top 25 most congested cities in the world.

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Police crack down on road users in Sydney CBD

Monday, 29 June 2015

Last month marked the highest number of road fatalities in NSW since May 2013.

According to the latest statistics released by NSW Transport, 164 people have lost their lives since the beginning of this year.

Given the shocking nature of these figures, the police carried out a one-day operation in the Sydney CBD that resulted in a whopping 664 infringement notices issued to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

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Leppington Upgrade

Friday, 29 May 2015

Work has begun on the final stage of the Camden Valley Way upgrade.

An announcement from the Roads and Maritime Services confirms that Leppington road users will have have a new road layout in the six weeks following Sunday May 17. A new intersection with traffic lights is being built at Camden Valley Way and Cowpasture Road.

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Dalgety Bridge Upgrade

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The first stage of a major upgrade to the historic Dalgety Bridge across the Snowy River is scheduled to go ahead in May.

$4.5 million has been allocated by the NSW Government to improve the bridge, which is locally referred to as Buckley Crossing.

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Daily commute getting worse

Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Article PhotoA survey of 16,000 people from suburbs in NSW revealed that 34 per cent feel their daily commute is the worst it has been in four years.

The survey was conducted by the National Road and Motorists' Association (NRMA) as part of its Congestion Busting Plan.

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