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mcis levy: a convenient lie b

Friday, 05 June 2009
The transport minister is lying by omission when he says greenslip prices have gone down. What is a greenslip for if it's not to cover medical costs of road injuries.? What he's not saying is that there is a new MCIS levy which in my case (experienced m/cycle rider in country NSW with 30 year no injuries/claims record), is adding 50% to the cost. The MCIS is a greenslip by another name, a thinly disguised lie to cover the fact that the NSW Labor govt is too gutless, corrupt and bankrupt to tackle curbing the costs of claims. Claims rise not because there are more 50% more people being injured, but because the costs are being blown out by exorbitant fees paid to lawyers and doctors, and the unlimited court awards which just encourage greedy claims and high service costs. If you are sick of paying sneaky increases in tax, vote them out next time !

NRMA Greenslip Increase

Thursday, 21 May 2009
Last year NRMA charged me $317.78 for my greenslip, this year the quote I received was for $392.57, thats at 23.5% increase, I called them to question it, and they told me that is their price. What a rip off!


Monday, 11 May 2009
It may be cheaper to make a move to Qld. How come up there they do not discriminate on the basis of driver age, postcode or driving record - these questions aren't even asked. Same price for the whole of the state and much cheaper than NSW.

Rego renewal ripoff

Thursday, 16 April 2009
Don't complain about green slip prices as the price hike was submitted by the Labor Gov for an increase, look at the actual tax you pay to register your car. If you want to change things as the Gov of the day intends to rip everyone off if YOU the people don't speak up. Everyone has a winge come renewal time and just blame the insurance companies, it's the Gov who determines how much money you recieve if you make a claim and these morons tell you how much to pay while they get government cars. It seems in the new millenium we accept being ripped off and then sook about it then do nothing to make things fair. It's time to wake up Australia!!!!

Double the price for new green

Wednesday, 08 April 2009
I am 29 years old and had my licence for more than 10 years with no accidents. When I went to renew my greenslip the price was $627. This was nearly double what I pain last year!!!. I was living in christchurch several years before (under 25 at the time) and paid $650 for full comprehensive insurance. The system in NSW is a joke and why are the insurance companies allowed to get away with this ??

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