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CIC Allianz Payments

Tuesday, 02 February 2010
I have received many calls about the difficulty of making payment to renew CIC Allianz greenslips. I called CIC Allianz today on 1300 889 214. A recorded voice service advises that "a CIC Allianz greenslip can only be purchased by cash or cheque, in person, at Allianz head office, 2 Market Street Sydney". The service also advises that "customers with a period of insurance commencing on or after 9 November 2009 will no longer be able to renew their greenslip using their credit card. Renewal payments will only be accepted in cash or cheque". When I spoke to an operator, I was advised that if I wanted to make a payment by credit card or if I did not want to travel into 2 Market Street to make a cash payment, I could go to a broker to make payment. The operator could not tell me the names of any brokers who dealt with CIC Allianz. The options of paying at a Post Office or Westpac are no longer available. The operator said that the changes had been made because CIC Allianz is now focused on fleet customers. The operator was prepared to sell me a Allianz greenslip, for which she was happy to receive payment by credit card over the phone.

Whopping NRMA increase

Friday, 22 January 2010
Just received my NRMA greenslip renewal. Whopping increase from $392 to $678. I can still buy from a competitor for around $400. Guess you just vote with your feet!

Insurance Cost Increases

Monday, 18 January 2010

There has been lots of press and discussion in the last few days about increases in the price of car insurance. The GFC is being blamed for a reduction in investment returns....resulting in an increase in premiums. It seems that the cost of both comprehensive insurance and greenslips has increased.

What is your experience. Here is the chance to have your say. Tell everyone how the cost of your greenslip or comprehensive insurance has increased. Click on the link below and record how the cost of your car insurance has increased.


Greenslips, Bah...

Saturday, 24 October 2009
Every year this stupid thing goes up in price, Im thinking that the fine for being caught unregistered is worth the risk now, Perhaps we should all start an online petition, tell the insurance companie we wont stand for this. Remember everyone that the insurance prices went through the roof because insurance payouts were going up and up and up. No that insurance payouts have been capped to some low number, our insurance premiums should have come down. Look for the Insurance Petition in your Email.

My Motorbike Greenslip

Friday, 04 September 2009

I had to buy a new greenslip for my motorbike this week. My motorbike is a Yamaha XT 600, a single cylinder trail bike.
I did a price comparison and found the results very interesting.
The cheapest greenslip price was $424.00 and the most expensive was $686.00, a difference of $262.00 or 61.8%.

As a Ulysses member I also obtained a quote from Monalnd Pty Ltd. They sell CIC Allianz greenslips to Ulysses members under a fleet arrangement. Their price for a CIC Allianz greenslip was $383.00, a further saving of $41.00. I purchased my greenslip through Monaland Pty Ltd.

Incidentally, the MCIS Levy represents 30.4% of the cost of my greenslip.

Clearly, if price is a determining factor in your greenslip purchase, it is worth the effort to do a price comparison and to understand your options.


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