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Greenslip Price Rise

Tuesday, 22 June 2010
How can a price rise of between 88 and 102 % be justified for motorcyclists who ride a 250cc bike? Most of these riders are commuters - the ones who are saving petrol, traffic jams and the environment, but from 1st July 2010 will be slugged huge increases in green slip prices. The synic would guess that it is a greedy government targetting a significant riding population for maximum gain. i can not think of any situation where i have been slugged a 102% price increase in my 51 years of life to date. This is simply outrageous! What can be done?

QBE At-Fault Driver Cover

Friday, 18 June 2010
QBE has contacted us to advise that despite current policy wording, it will honour at-fault driver cover policy claims, even if the at-fault driver also makes a claim under the amended (from 1 April 2010) ANF provisions of the CTP scheme. QBE also advise that they will alter the at-fault driver cover policy documents in the next few weeks. More information is available on this website.

new motorcycle greenslip catag

Sunday, 06 June 2010
it seems this has been slipped in very quietly! forget the old 0-300cc and 300cc+, it looks like there is a whole bunch of new categories for motorcycles, as of 1/7/10. up to 225 falls in what looks like the old 0-300 price range, 226-725 lumps 250cc into a bracket that makes them over $200 dearer (but pulls the popular 600-650cc bracket down a few bucks), with something in the 750 range staying largely the same price. its a simple test, do a quote with a pre and post 1 July date and try it out for yourself.. it seems pretty rude that motorcycle green-slips are anywhere near the cost they are, most are comparable with small to medium sized family cars and I know which constitutes a larger risk to the third party! so much for having a cheap 250 run about..

At-Fault Driver Cover - Issues

Thursday, 03 June 2010

We have raised an alert on this site and we have produced articles explaining the fact that at fault driver cover is not payable in the case of accidents occurring after 1 April 2010 because of the policy wording used by the insurers. As of today (over 2 months later), the five insurers offering at fault driver cover continue to do so despite the fact that under the terms of the current policy documents, no benefits are actually payable. We will continue to monitor the position.


New L Plate Rules

Thursday, 04 February 2010
Did you know that from 19 December 2009, learner drivers who take a one hour driving lesson from a fully licenced driving instructor can log three hours in their log book, to a maximum of 30 log book hours. Also, learner drivers 25 years and older will be exempt from completing a log book. More information on these and other changes is available at

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