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Motor Cycle Greens Slip Costs

Monday, 17 January 2011
I too have been riding for over 17yrs and choose to ride a 250cc bike. Why should i be punnished for the poor riding skills of lerner riders. My bike green slip now costs more than my car green slip and i now i would do a lot more harm in an accidentm driving my car than i ever could riding my bike. Who is responsipble for making this change? Someone needs to step up and explain the changes. Cost should be based on bike size and riding experience no just size!!!

Motorcycle Greenslips

Friday, 03 December 2010
What has engine capacity got to do with causing injury or death to a third party? How can a motorcycle (whatever the engine capacity) possibly cause the same amount of injury/death as a car? The MAA and the insurers need to come clean and explain how these costs are calculated. As the CTP system is compulsory the goverment should be trying to keep costs as low as possible and insurance companies should be limited to a base profit from this product.

Capacity not the Issue

Friday, 26 November 2010
i understand that they are targeting inexperienced higher risk learners..who for the most part are subjected to 250cc bikes..but why not just increse the price due to licence grade not capacity of the bike. i have spent most my motorcycling life almost 20 yrs on smaller capacity bikes which are not learner legal anyhow..production 2 strokes, for the reason that they are cheap to buy,own tyres, rego, insurance but now this will just kill even more especially older 250s... paying rego every year which is half the cost of the bike...who voted for this..!!!! dont we live in a demoracy dont we get a sure the pple makin the decisions dont ride.

CTP Money Grab

Monday, 22 November 2010
Yet another scam by the NSW government. I ride a 250cc bike and I don't want to go and get a larger bike, now my rego has effectively doubled, 89%. This is totally aimed at the learner engine capacity because most people at some stage must own a bike of that engine capacity. NSW, the most expensive state to live in, probably will not change even with a different government, but elections provide hope.

Very Angry

Monday, 15 November 2010
I'm sure you're getting plenty of these...but here's another complaint about the increase in motorcycle CTP. I've been riding bikes for more than 15 years and have NEVER had an accident either at fault or innocent. I've held comprehensive insurance every year for 15 years. I've NEVER claimed. Now you are increasing my CTP by 34.9% becasue I own a R1200GS. Hardly a "racing hoons" bike. Meanwhile I could by a supersports 600cc and receive a 27.3% discount. Have a look at yourselves. No wonder no one likes insurers. No wonder the NSW Labor Govt wouldn't face the protest. Disgraceful. A great way to get more people into more cars to further conjest our already overflowing roads. This increase is appalling. Surely if I take our comprehensive insurance there is no need for CTP. Agrieved? Angry? Annoyed? You bet!

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