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Younger drivers are more at risk and pay more insurance

Tuesday, 29 March 2016
The main reason green slips are more expensive for younger drivers is because they are more likely to be involved in an accident.

  • Drivers 17 to 25 hold 16% of licences
  • More drivers 15-24 die in a road crash than any other age group
  • Drivers 17-20 are three times more likely than drivers over 21 and over to be involved in a serious crash
  • Far more males than females die in road crashes.

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Have your say

Monday, 21 March 2016
The year 2016 may well be a time of change for the NSW green slip scheme, with three discussion papers published in quick succession. State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), the regulator of the green slip scheme, invites motorists and other interested parties to have their say about:


Time to charge drivers for their road use

Thursday, 10 March 2016
One of the most important recommendations by Infrastructure Australia (IA) in its recently published Australian Infrastructure Plan 2016, is to change the way motorists are charged to reflect their individual use of roads.

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Match the Star to the Car

Friday, 03 July 2015

Match the Star to the Car and share for your chance to win a free greenslip.

One person will win a free greenslip each week, for four weeks.

We will select one person who has played and shared. We will pay for or reimburse the cost of that persons CTP greenslip.

Match the Car to the Star

To play, click on the link and see how you go.

We all have favourite stars, form movies, TV, music and sport. We know which movie, show or event they were famous for...but do you remember what car they drove?

What did Maxwell Smart drive? What about Batman in The Dark Night?

Test your memory and see how many stars you can match with their cars.

Once you have completed the quiz you can share it with your friends to see how they go.

We encourage you to play as often as you like and we encourage you to share.

In fact, the more you share the more chances you have of winning.

Terms and Conditions are available on the Quiz.


Who are the green slip insurers in NSW

Friday, 28 March 2014

Article PhotoCTP green slips are compulsory in NSW. You can not register your vehicle without first purchasing a green slip.

Seven insurers are licensed to issue greenslips in NSW.

Currently, the seven insurance licenses are controlled by five companies.

An overview of the insurers is set out below.

AAMI is owned by Suncorp. As at June 2012, AAMI had a market share of 8.8%. AAMI provide an online quote and purchase facility, and you are able to deal with a consultant over the phone. AAMI does not offer discounts on other products for purchasing a ctp green slip, and do not offer additional at- fault driver cover.

Allianz had a market share of 12.6% as at June 2012. Allianz Group also operates the CIC Allianz licence. As at June 2013, the combined market share for the Allianz group was16.7%. Allianz offers the added feature of At-Fault Driver Protection, however there are exclusions, including motorbikes, drivers aged under 25, and vehicles more than 10 old

CIC Allianz
CIC Allianz is the second licence operated by the Allianz Group. As at June 2012 CIC Allianz had a market share of 4.2%.

GIO is owned by the Suncorp Group, which also owns AAMI. As at June 2012 GIO had a market share of 12.7% and as at June 2013 GIO and AAMI had a combined market share of 21.8%. GIO offers Driver Cover Plus with some green slips as their form of at- fault driver cover. This excludes motorbikes, drivers aged under 25 (unless also comprehensively insured with GIO) and vehicles with a GVM exceeding 4.5 tonnes. You can obtain a quote and purchase green slips online, and the website provides information on branch locations. GIO also offers some discounts on comprehensive insurance.

NRMA has the largets market share, with a market share of 35.3% as at June 2013. NRMA offers at-fault driver cover, except for motorbike riders. Phone and online quotes and purchase are available. NRMA operates the most extensive branch network of all the insurers. You can visit their website to find your nearest branch. NRMA also offers mutli-policy discounts on other products.

As at June 2013, QBE had a market share of 19.9%. QBE do not offer any form of additional at fault driver cover. Quotes and purchase are available online,and brokers and agents are used to distribute products - QBE will help you find your nearest. No discounts are offered on other products or services with the purchase of a green slip.

The final insurer is Zurich, with a market share of 6.2% as at June 2013. Zurich offer CTP At-Fault Driver Insurance with some green slips, with some exclusions, including for green slips issued quarterly or every six months. No online purchase is available, but Zurich will help you find your nearest broker or agent.

A full comparison of at-fault driver cover, discounts and ease of access for purchase for each of the insurers is available on this site. A green slip price comparison is also available.


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