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What happens if my vehicle is unregistered?

It’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle and you can pay heavy penalties. However, you can get a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle in certain cases. If you don’t want to re-register a vehicle for any reason, you can cancel registration altogether. Read More

Other types of vehicle registration in NSW

In this series on registration and licensing in NSW, we’ve talked about standard vehicle registration. However, there are other types of registration available. These include historic and classic, conditional and seasonal registration. You may also be eligible for registration concessions. Read More

What colour is your vehicle?

White is the all-time favourite for most light vehicles in NSW. Motorcycle riders favour Black, even though it makes them harder to see. Some colours are clearly safer than others. But is colour a factor in insurance premiums? Does colour affect the price of your greenslip? Read More

How do I choose a registration period?

The first vehicle registration in NSW is always for 12 months. After that, you can choose a registration period each time you register your vehicle. Your registration period must match your green slip period. In some cases, you must register for 12 months but you can later switch to 6-month registration. Do you know when vehicle registration expires? Read More

How do I buy a green slip?

Fortunately, buying a greenslip is quite simple. Once you’ve chosen an insurer, you have a few easy ways to make a payment. gives you a few useful tips on how to buy a greenslip. Read More

Do all greenslip insurers cover me if it’s my fault?

Many people ask if their insurer’s green slip will cover them if they have a road accident and it’s their fault. In fact, all CTP insurers in NSW must by law provide exactly the same cover. But if you are at fault and make a claim, the NSW scheme does not cover you to the same extent as someone who is not at fault. Read More

How to understand CTP insurance

Did you know you need compulsory third party (CTP) insurance to register a vehicle in Australia? It protects you from financial loss if your vehicle is involved in a road crash causing injury or death to yourself, other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. That’s why it’s important to understand CTP insurance. Read More