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How gender makes a difference to road safety

Men have much more chance than women of dying or being seriously injured in a road crash. A UK study suggests men have a higher chance than women of hurting other road users too. They also drive dangerous vehicles with more chance of hurting other road users. Is there too much pressure on men who drive for work? Read More

Driving tired

Driving tired and what can wake us up

Many people drive when tired and one in five Australians have fallen asleep at the wheel. Fatigue is definitely involved in 20% of fatal crashes but could be a factor in a lot more. Sleepy drivers find it harder to keep within the lines, react more slowly and are less able to handle hazards.

But how tired is too tired to drive? And what can we do to wake ourselves up? Read More

Sleepy drivers crash more

Too many Australians are falling asleep at the wheel and even more are driving while drowsy. Until recently, it was difficult to identify whether or not a driver was drowsy. Victorian researchers are now developing a test, using smart glasses, which is able to measure eyelid movements and blinks.

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Is driving fatigued just as bad as driving drunk?

While delayed response times, drowsiness, and general grogginess could sound like the end of a night out on the town, it could just as easily describe the symptoms for fatigue. When we aren’t well rested, our bodies and minds must bear the burden, which is similar to driving with alcohol in the blood.

As driving is an activity which requires us being alert and responsive, substances that could impair our judgement such as alcohol are restricted or prohibited, depending on a driver’s age and licence. However, research has come to suggest that a lack of sleep could have just as dramatic an effect on our ability to control a vehicle as alcohol.

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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep deprivation is an exceedingly pressing issue that can have serious health implications when left unchecked. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, an alarming 18 per cent of Australian adults are sleeping less than six hours per night, while some 20 per cent suffer from chronically poor sleep.

With Australian Sleep Awareness Week taking place from July 6-12, now is the perfect time to alert New South Wales drivers to the dangers of getting behind the wheel while fatigued.

The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Sleep better, Be better’, with the Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation, Professor David Hillman urging people to take the matter of their sleep habits more seriously.

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GPS may reduce driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the top three contributors to fatalities on NSW roads, according to Transport for NSW.

In addition, crashes caused by fatigue are twice as likely to be fatal than other accidents. Approximately three in 10 road crashes in Australia that result in death or serious trauma are a result of driver fatigue.

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Driving Fatigued

Not driving while fatigued may seem like a no-brainer, but the New South Wales government is still concerned about the number of people who are threatening safety on the state’s roads by driving whilst fatigued and drowsy. According to Transport for New South Wales, fatigue is one of the main causes of road fatality, with research suggesting it is just as dangerous as drink driving.

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